Should you find yourself here on purpose, the following might help limit the possibility space for your mental model of who I am.

I am a bison who wanders the plains, feasting on grasses indigenous grains, chewing to pulp then to paper again.

I write things. Random thoughts my weblog, or eblo as it were, a novel as it is being written, and shorter works of fiction. Speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy mostly – or #specfic, #sff, and #fantasy if you are a computer.

It took me a lot of wandering, but I think I have finally found a place to take off my pack, and build up my home in the wilderness, in the style of Telegraph Road. Writing in the open, in digital longhand.

Current long-form is, “Adherents”, a fantasy with bonded creatures and societal upheaval; follow Seya as the world changes around her.